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«Me alimento súper bien. como carnes magras y ensaladas. No fumo, hago deporte y danza. Y practico la técnica del Ho´pomopono, una disciplina hawaiiana para atraer lo mejor de la vida».

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«Tengo alma de gitana»

4 pensamientos en “04LolaPonce”

  1. lol…. vielen Dank liebe Frau Härter für die kleine Aueheitfrung am Nachmittag …Ihr Newsletter ist für mich jeden Montag ein kleines Highlight! glg!

  2. >If cigar and cigarette smoke were only a "minor annoyance," I'd be with you. But they're not (only) that. Even if every smoker is considerate, like yourself (many aren't), and walks by me quickly when I'm outside, I'm often going to be fairly regularly breathing second-hand smoke–you're not the only smoker out there. And that can give me lung cancer, among other things.Cancer = minor annoyance? Nah.

  3. Companies that move to third world countries are just as likely to screw over their workers as they are in American. And by dropping in on an established agrarian/semi-skilled economy they stuff that up as well. When they leave town because they’ve found somewhere cheaper to produce their goods the net benefit is negative.

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