“En el amor no existe el fracaso”

La conductora emblema de Telefé Noticias habla del rol de los comunicadores y de la pasión extrema por su vocación. Además se refiere a su reciente separación del empresario Gustavo Grobocopatel, su singular visión de la maternidad y su anhelo de siempre volver enamorarse.

3 respuestas a “En el amor no existe el fracaso”

  1. Deena dijo:

    This poistng knocked my socks off

  2. I’m glad to hear from someone who had a “surprise” c-section – another way that the best laid plans (for birth, or otherwise!) can go astray. I’m also glad to hear that your recovery was quick and your fitness helped in that regard; it’s a good motivator to stay fit throughout the entire pregnancy! I’m hearing a lot from moms who’re letting me in on the fact that the comments don’t stop upon giving birth – something I’m going to have to get used to once the “little one” arrives – yikes!! ps: after reading your post, I now am going in search of cucumbers to add to my lunch – they sound delicious!

  3. http://www./ dijo:

    Kat Sloma Can I just say, I love that I'm not alone here! It is so much fun to hear all of the stories. And Karin, my colors have changed over time too.

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